Well, isn’t that something?


I’m a Canadian university student in her final semester who’s decided to dip her toe into the blogosphere- a little late, I believe. But, never the less,  better late and clever? I’ve got vague but heart-felt ideas for this blog and think I’ll just go with the flow here, wherever my mind meanders. Interior design? Palindromes? The truth about rhyming words with orange? The possibilities are, as they say, endless.

To start, amongst other things I’m planning for this blog, I’m angling to take a comedic, silly look at something very serious: celebrity penises. I’m not trying to be obscene, just absurd (that’s what’s at the heart of my heart). I will fancifully imagine the aforementioned fantasy member of a range of notable, yet horribly unrepresented, who’s who of hoo hoos… and who knows where I’ll go from there?

This blog is evolving, just like my knowledge and appreciation for all the capabilities of Web 2.0, and I hope it grows big and strong in whatever direction it feels like. That’s what she said.


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